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Note to Year 5 Parents/Guardians Only – Instrumental Music Program

Landsdale Primary School is included in the Department of Education’s instrumental music tuition scheme. Your child is in a year group currently being considered for tuition during Year 6 and 7 (2013-2014). Most Year 5 students have now taken the Musical Aptitude Test. This is a selective program and there are limited vacancies. It is important that both you and your child fully understand the commitment before deciding to indicate interest in being considered.

If your child has met the selection criteria below you will receive a letter of offer from the school before the end of the year. At Landsdale we offer guitar tuition, brass and clarinet.

It is expected that students who are offered a position are prepared to consider commitment until at least the end of Year 10 and will plan to continue music studies at a secondary school that offers the instrumental music program for their instrument. In many cases, the instrumental teachers in primary schools also teach in the area secondary school, ensuring continuity of instruction.

Students are given weekly lessons in small groups of 5 by a qualified teacher/musician employed through the Department of Education’s Instrumental Music School Services (SIM). There is no charge for tuition. In order to make progress, daily home practice is also essential. Parents have a vitally important and active role to play in encouraging their child to make this commitment. As the child progresses, practice time will increase. When ready, s/he will be expected to participate in an instrumental ensemble that rehearses out of school hours and undertakes performances in the school and community, often also out of school hours.

Final selection of students will be made by the school in consultation with instrumental teachers. Selected students will receive a formal letter of offer. Selection criteria are: student interest in learning the instrument offered; parental commitment and support; musical ability as demonstrated in class music lessons; general ability in class, consistency of school work, attitude towards homework; physical suitability for the instrument on offer; and performance results on a musical aptitude indicator.

For general information about the Department’s instrumental scheme and its operation, you can access the School of Instrumental Music web-site at

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me in the music room.

Thank you

Andrew Angel
Music Specialist Teacher

Landsdale’s Got Talent

Landsdale’s Got Talent will return in 2012. More information will be available to all students after the Musical Productions.

Three Year 6 students from LA 28 are organising and presenting the event which will be held on the last day of school, Tuesday 18th December 9am (first session) and 11:20 (second session) in the Under Cover Area.

Auditions will be invited prior to the event and screened by Mrs Papasergio, Mr Angel and Mr Shortill. For further information see Mrs Papasergio in the Drama room.

Visual Arts: Art Display and Art Exodus

There will be a display of three-dimensional art work in the art room. The display will be open from 3:00pm to 3:45pm on the following days: Friday 7th December, Monday 10th December and Tuesday 11th December. The work shows a range of different skills such as modelling and carving as well as the use of diverse materials such as plasticine, clay and foam blocks. Students have also applied a variety of decorative techniques to colour their sculptures.

Over the last two weeks of term, students will be taking their art work home with two-dimensional work going home first and three-dimensional work going home after 11th December. Students will be asked to roll two-dimensional work into a cylinder and hold it in place with a rubber band. Three-dimensional work may be protected by wrapping rags around them or placing them in tins if available before the work goes in their bag.

I would like to sincerely thank all the students for showing great enthusiasm and working hard during the year to produce their excellent art. Let’s hope the art survives the journey home.

Victor Spano
Visual Arts Specialist