The 1-1 Laptop Program

The 1-1 program at Landsdale has always been well supported by parents, we thank you for your commitment to improving your child’s educational opportunities. Most students have their laptops and are in the process of learning how to use it effectively in class. They have been establishing agreements that will give the grounding for high standards of self-regulation at school and online. They are also learning how to responsibly and appropriately use technology and communication tools, this provides students with the skills and knowledge to make informed and appropriate choices in the future.

If you are still thinking about purchasing a laptop for your child the purchasing portal is open all year. If you need more information regarding this please call the school.

The school website has information and FAQ’s to assist you. The Cluster of schools share two technicians across the schools and at Landsdale we have a technician onsite every day except Wednesday. Your child is able to let the technician know of any issues with their machine by logging a job on the Helpdesk which you can access through the school website link or by informing their teacher.

In keeping with Landsdale’s vision of focusing on innovation and creativity to produce students who are engaged and strive to be successful, the program enables students to learn the skills essential to be productive in a technological world, classroom and workplace. They have, at point of need, access to information, applications and global experiences that enable deeper learning at home and at school. STEM and digital technologies skills have been identified as lacking in Australian students, however at Landsdale and the cluster we have a high ratio of students gaining employment or undertaking further studies in STEM fields, largely due to our 1-1 program supported by parents.

The Apple laptops are particularly well suited to the education environment because they are loaded with software and applications that are great for getting students to extend their thinking and create innovative projects. They allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons with more students involved in each learning opportunity. The laptops have excellent options for security and parental control over what their child is accessing and when.

Parent 1-1 Laptop Steering Committee

Parents of students who are participating in the 1-1 laptop program are welcome to become a member of the steering committee. The parents on the steering committee enable the partnership between the school and parents in this program to be strong and collaborative. We listen carefully to the issues that parents raise through their representatives, surveys and general feedback and adapt the program accordingly. Any parents who wish to come along to our meetings are welcome, the first steering committee meeting for 2017 is on Wednesday 1st March, in the school staffroom at 4.30pm.

For more information on the Landsdale 1-1 program contact Leanne White Ph: 93024100,