We are super fortunate to have 5 of our school parents volunteer once a week each to keep our Kiss & Drive facility running smoothly each day with the help of a rostered Deputy.

These fantastic ladies deserve our respect and to be listened to as they have yours and the responsibility of each school child using kiss & drive to make that safe trip home.

Please if they indicate to you that you may be using the facility incorrectly or have inadvertently parked in a no stopping/parking zone, they are doing it for yours and the benefit of others and in most cases will save you from being seen by the ranger. Please refrain from giving them your opinion of the law and our Kiss & Drive rules as they are only helping parents to adhere to them.

We do have the luxury of asking the rangers to come out on occasion to help us with any road issues we may have, let’s make sure we don’t need to take this course of action and respect those who are helping to make Kiss & Drive and our roads safe for our school kids.

Reminder – the School Dentist carpark is only for Dental staff & patient parking. It is not for general drop off/pickup of children.

If you do have anything you would like to raise at any time please do contact me on 0403 326 828.

Nat Herridge
Roadwise Co-ordinator.