Welcome to Landsdale Primary School

Landsdale Primary School is an Independent Public School with strong community links and innovative learning programs that engage and challenge students.
Landsdale is part of the Ashdale Independent Public School Cluster, which has a  vision for the improvement, attainment, achievement and progression of young people.

As you are aware the new East Landsdale Primary School is opening in 2017.  The links below show the boundaries for the new school and Landsdale Primary School’s redefined boundaries.

Students enrolled currently are most welcome to stay at Landsdale Primary School. If an enrolled student’s family lives within the East Landsdale boundary then it is a parent choice as to which school their children attend.

Kindergarten students at the Trentham Annex will the relocated back to the Landsdale Primary School site in 2017.

East Landsdale Primary School Boundaries

Landsdale Primary School Boundaries