From The Principal

Tony Beswick24

Dear Parents and Families,

Do your children a favour and create a reading habit over the holidays. There is lots of research that suggests kids slip back in their ability to read over a holiday break. You can stop that decline by encouraging your children to read daily for 10-20 minutes just before tea time, or any other daily time so that it becomes a habit.

Goodbye to the Trentham Road kindergarten annex. Thanks to the staff and parents who made the annex such a welcoming place for children to grow.

Many thanks to Mrs Keera Bull and the School Board who have overseen the improvements in student results in 2017.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a marvellous festive season. Dashing through the sand, in a brand new four wheel drive, over bumps we go, laughing all the way…

Kind regards,

Dr Tony Beswick

Proposed School Development Dates for 2018

Term 1

Monday 29th January (Week 1)
Tuesday 30th January (Week 1)
Tuesday 6th March (Week 6)

Term 3

16th July

Term 4

Friday 26th October (Week 3)
Friday 14th December (Week 10)

Kind regards,

Dr Tony Beswick