From The Principal

Tony Beswick24

Dear Parents and Families,

Dear Parents and Families,

I am excited to be back!

Teachers have been using different literacy and maths strategies as part of our business and the cluster plan. Consequently, we have noticed some improvements in children’s skills. In reading fluency most of our students have passed the high benchmarks. These benchmarks for each year level have been set by people who devised the standardised tests. Thanks to many parents who have listened to their children read as your support has made a considerable difference.

Teachers are also making significant changes in how they give, and are increasing the frequency of giving, feedback to students on their learning. Indeed, we are working towards a ‘no hands up’ strategy. This encourages all students to think as the teacher can nominate anybody to respond to a question. So, no one can escape questions!

While I often visit one to two classrooms per day, teachers are going to visit each other’s classroom this term. This is a big step for teachers. They plan together and now learn from each other inside their classrooms.

Thanks to all parents, carers and grandparents who came to the open night. Despite the cold weather we had a strong turnout.

Dr Tony Beswick

School Development Days 2017

Students do not attend on the following dates:

Term 3

Friday 27th October, 2017