Roadwise Committee

Our Monday volunteer position for Kiss & Drive has become available for term 4.

We need the help of a parent or caregiver from our school community on a weekly, fortnight or monthly basis for Mondays during Term 4.

The job description

15-20 minutes on Mondays from 2.55pm to assist the children get into their cars safely.

The perks

A parking spot in the staff carpark!!

Help of all kinds, big or small – one day even – is great!

Please contact our P&C Roadwise Coordinator

Nat Herridge on 0403326828 or

If you do have anything you would like to raise at any time please contact me on 0403 326 828.

Nat Herridge
Roadwise Co-ordinator.

Family Maths Night

We will again run our Family Fun Maths Night for students and their families in pre primary to year 2.

Date: Wednesday November 8th 2017
Time: 4.30pm – 6.00pm
Where: LA 7, 8 and 9

On this night, the library will also be open for families to visit the Scholastic Book Fair.

We hope you can join us to have some family maths fun!

Please contact Leonie Mattock if you have any questions.

1-1 Laptop update

The ordering Portal for the 1-1 Program for 2018 is now available, the link to the Winthrop portal is on our website and will provide information and prices and you can order a device from the page.

We had two parent information sessions last term where parents were given information relating to the program. We discussed;

  • why the 1-1 Program is important, our students need their learning to be future focused.
  • the benefits of having their own device to use every day and anywhere.
  • the advantages of a Macbook over an iPad in our school and education department environment.
  • how the Macbooks are being used in class and how the power of the MacBook is important to many of the learning opportunities.
  • our findings from our NAPLAN online trials in 2016 and 2017. The MacBooks made the test easier, the iPads had problems that made the testing difficult.
  • Information on the vendor selection and specifics about the program. The Portal is now open for you to access this information and order your device. Winthrop Sales Portal

This term we will offer an opportunity for parents of Year 3 students who would like to see the program in action to book a time on Thursday 2nd November between 9.00am-10.00am to walk through the classrooms and talk to the students and teachers. Please book a time on thebooking form if you would like to attend.

Just like the real world, the Internet can be a wonderful place full of amazing information, people and ideas. However, just like the real world it also has its dangers, for example the inappropriate use of social media. In both worlds I believe the good outweighs the bad and with care and education both can be safe to navigate.

Teachers are continually teaching students sound educational and safe practices on the Internet and monitoring student laptops. We cannot however monitor the students use at home, all parents and caregivers need to make sure they understand and know what their child is accessing. We chose the MacBook as our preferred device in part for the Parent Controls function that enables parents to manage their child’s use of the computer. If you are unfamiliar with this function please see “how to set up parental controls”

Apart from the significant educational advantage the students gain from having their own laptop, the education they receive around the ethical and safe use of technology while at this age will stand them in good stead for the more risk taking years as teenagers. The knowledge they have will enable them to make informed decisions, and hopefully enable them to make the right ones for a positive digital footprint. There are many sites that assist parents, teachers and students to understand and find support for the many issues that may arise. The eSafety site is a great place to start. For more sites visit our Digital Citizenship page.


We are super fortunate to have 5 of our school parents volunteer once a week each to keep our Kiss & Drive facility running smoothly each day with the help of a rostered Deputy.

These fantastic ladies deserve our respect and to be listened to as they have yours and the responsibility of each school child using kiss & drive to make that safe trip home.

Please if they indicate to you that you may be using the facility incorrectly or have inadvertently parked in a no stopping/parking zone, they are doing it for yours and the benefit of others and in most cases will save you from being seen by the ranger. Please refrain from giving them your opinion of the law and our Kiss & Drive rules as they are only helping parents to adhere to them.

We do have the luxury of asking the rangers to come out on occasion to help us with any road issues we may have, let’s make sure we don’t need to take this course of action and respect those who are helping to make Kiss & Drive and our roads safe for our school kids.

Reminder – the School Dentist carpark is only for Dental staff & patient parking. It is not for general drop off/pickup of children.

If you do have anything you would like to raise at any time please do contact me on 0403 326 828.

Nat Herridge
Roadwise Co-ordinator.

1-1 Laptop Program 2018

Thank you to the parents who attended our first parent information and discussion forum. We discussed;

  • why the 1-1 Program is important for our students learning to be future focused.
  • the benefits of having their own Macbooks to use every day and anywhere.
  • the advantages of a Macbook over an iPad in our school and education department environment.
  • how the Macbooks are being used in class.
  • our findings from our NAPLAN online trials in 2016 and 2017.
  • Information on the vendor selection and specifics about the program.

If you wish to find out more about any of these points, please attend our next parent information and discussion forum on Wednesday 20th September 4.30pm-5.30pm. Information can also be found on our website, 1-1 program.

Leanne White
Deputy Principal


To celebrate the culmination of Children’s Book Week, we are again holding our
Whole School Dress-Up Day & Parade on FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER, 2017 (Week 7)
for all students (and staff) from PP to Year 6.

Children can dress up as either a character from a book they know OR as the book itself OR they can wear a costume that relates to this year’s Book Week theme of “Escape to Everywhere.” This is a very open-ended theme, so let your imagination run wild. Reading is a great escape!
We ask that students bring their chosen book with them (or borrow it from the Library), to show the relationship between their costume and their book. We encourage creativity and originality. Home-made costumes are perfect, as the fun is in the process of creating with your child, rather than the end product. (No need to purchase or hire expensive costumes.)

Two parades will be held on the quadrangle outside the Undercover Area (weather permitting) on
FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER, for students to share their costumes and books with the school community:

  • Junior Parade PP, Yr 1, Yr 2            @ 9.15 – 9.45am
  • Senior Parade Yr 3, Yr 4, Yr 5           @ 10.15 – 10.45am

Parents are welcome to attend this event. Please contact Mrs Murray in the Library on 9302 4100 if you have any questions about the
Book Week Dress-Up Day & Parade.
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing everyone dressed up and enjoying themselves on FRIDAY 1st SEPTEMBER.
Happy Book Week!

School Learning Journey Open Night

Our School Learning Journey (Open Night) evening this year will be held on Wed 9th August, Week 4 of next term. Times are: 4.30pm – 6.30pm (PP-6), and from 4.00pm – 6.00pm at the Trentham Road Annex (K). Please note, for security reasons finishing times must be adhered to, especially at the offsite annex.

Classroom teachers will open their classrooms in a learning journey format, with activities and challenges for students to undertake with their parents. These activities reflect the learning that occurs in classrooms, and allows parents to experience current curriculum content and school priorities. Specialist staff will also be providing experiences at various locations around the school. Each parent will receive a passport to help them navigate their way around the activities.

Please remember this is not a time for interviews with your child’s teacher, however friendly and courteous interaction is encouraged! Classroom activities will take approximately 15mins to complete, and parents are encouraged to also visit:

  • The basketball courts/under covered area for physical challenges with Mr P.
  • The library with Mrs Murray.
  • The Art Room with Mrs Callow.
  • The Literacy Room with Mrs Della Gatta and Mrs Woods, if students attend classes in there.
  • The Library for an Italian display with Mrs Scott.
  • The Science Room, LA 19 with Mrs Murphy and Mrs Bell.
  • This year Ms Rogerson will showcasing the students musical talents with pop up performances around the school during the evening.
  • Parents will also be invited to complete a Parent Survey while at school, either in the wet areas of the blocks or in the library.

Further details of the evening will be in the Week 2 newsletter next term.


On Thursday 29th June, the Library is having a massive “FIFTY CENT FRENZY” BOOK SALE to clear all the weeded resources from our collection. We are also asking for donations of children’s books from students and parents to add to this all-day, fabulous frenzy. Come and grab a book bargain! Every book is 50c! Buy as many as you want! There’s something for everyone!



(Week 10…the second last day of Term 2)
8.30am-4.00pm (all day)

  • Outside the Library (on the Canteen side)
  • All books 50c each. Buy as many as you like.
  • Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novels, Reading Books, Information Books, Picture Books, Fairy Tales, etc. Everything is just 50c!
  • Help us clear unwanted stock. Take home some July holiday reading bargains!
  • Please send in your CHILDREN’S BOOK donations to the Library (Sorry, no adult books accepted.) Your book donations will help boost our sales. Why not clear out your home bookshelves of any unwanted children’s books and donate them to this great cause?
  • Students, parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents, community members are all welcome.
  • Parent volunteers are needed to assist on the day. If you can offer even an hour of your time, please see Mrs Murray or phone 9302 4100 or email:
  • Let’s see if we can raise enough money to purchase some fabulous audiobooks for our Library from Wheelers ePlatform.
  • Hope to see you all at our “FIFTY CENT FRENZY” event!

ANZAC Assembly

At the end of last term we held our school ANZAC ceremony. Thank you to everyone in the community who joined our students to remember the ANZAC spirit. A special mention to Miss Emma Rogerson, our music specialist, who arranged a respectful and relevant service, to commemorate the occasion.  A huge thank you to Mrs Abi Callow and her Art extension students who added to the occasion through their stunning Poppies.

Anzacpoppy_art Anzacpoppy_art2