Supervisor: Alison Belstead
Phone: 9302 4582
Opening hours: 8:30am to 1:45pm


Our canteen now has an Online Ordering facility with the company Quick Cliq. This facility is easy to use and also very secure.

How to get started:

In the TOP Lefthand corner of the screen is the option to SIGNUP

Sign in by completing the registration form

You will then receive a confirmation email

Then log into the website in the link below

Then you will need to select your School and enter your child/children names

Classroom LA number and teachers name

Add credit to your account and start ordering your child/children’s lunches

NOTE: transfer of funds into your online account can take up to 2 days before they become available to use and it is from your online canteen account that money is used to pay for your online orders.

Benefits of using Online Ordering:

You do not need a menu
You do not need to buy lunch bags
You can order the night before or even 2 weeks in advance
You will not have to worry about your child forgetting to hand in their lunch orders to the canteen
You will not have to worry about finding cash for lunch orders first thing in the morning

If you have any queries about setting up an online ordering account please contact the Quick Cliq company on 1300 116 637 or by emailing

Please note we DO NOT utilise the online ordering system for Uniforms or Blooklists.


The canteen stocks the following STEGGLES items that are classified as a Halal Certified processor. Steggles Chicken Meat, Dinosaur Nuggets, Chicken Wedges and Chicken Burgers.


We are always needing volunteers to help in the canteen from 8:50am until 10:30am. If you have some free time first thing in the morning please come and see us and we can work out a day suitable for you. We have an online Volunteer Roster that shows the days that we need volunteers.