1-1 Laptop News

The 1-1 Laptop Program

The ordering Portal for the 1-1 Program for 2018 is now available, the link to the Winthrop portal is on our website and will provide information and prices and you can order a device from the page.

We had two parent information sessions last term where parents were given information relating to the program. We discussed;

  • why the 1-1 Program is important, our students need their learning to be future focused.
  • the benefits of having their own device to use every day and anywhere.
  • the advantages of a Macbook over an iPad in our school and education department environment.
  • how the Macbooks are being used in class and how the power of the MacBook is important to many of the learning opportunities.
  • our findings from our NAPLAN online trials in 2016 and 2017. The MacBooks made the test easier, the iPads had problems that made the testing difficult.
  • Information on the vendor selection and specifics about the program. The Portal is now open for you to access this information and order your device. Winthrop Sales Portal

This term we will offer an opportunity for parents of Year 3 students who would like to see the program in action to book a time on Thursday 2nd November between 9.00am-10.00am to walk through the classrooms and talk to the students and teachers. Please book a time on the booking form if you would like to attend.

Just like the real world, the Internet can be a wonderful place full of amazing information, people and ideas. However, just like the real world it also has its dangers, for example the inappropriate use of social media. In both worlds I believe the good outweighs the bad and with care and education both can be safe to navigate.

Teachers are continually teaching students sound educational and safe practices on the Internet and monitoring student laptops. We cannot however monitor the students use at home, all parents and caregivers need to make sure they understand and know what their child is accessing. We chose the MacBook as our preferred device in part for the Parent Controls function that enables parents to manage their child’s use of the computer. If you are unfamiliar with this function please see “how to set up parental controls”

Apart from the significant educational advantage the students gain from having their own laptop, the education they receive around the ethical and safe use of technology while at this age will stand them in good stead for the more risk taking years as teenagers. The knowledge they have will enable them to make informed decisions, and hopefully enable them to make the right ones for a positive digital footprint. There are many sites that assist parents, teachers and students to understand and find support for the many issues that may arise. The eSafety site is a great place to start. For more sites visit our Digital Citizenship page.