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Online Awareness

Our 1-1 Laptop program is designed to advantage our students in an increasingly digital world. Having a personal device provides students with the opportunity to manage, use and create learning experiences to enhance their education. We create the foundation for this by engaging students in activities that enable our students to be well prepared and aware of how to be safe and ethical online.

Teachers and parents/guardians need to be aware of the digital trends that young people are following that can affect their social and emotional wellbeing. Children’s online use is now more centred around mobile phones than computers.

At school we see very little inappropriate use of technology as use of mobile phones is not allowed and the laptops are monitored both physically and electronically by teachers. Unfortunately, we are receiving concerns from parents that some students are behaving inappropriately when using social media outside of school hours, using their phones or gaming consoles.

This can have an impact at school through an increase in friendship issues, confusion, anger and anxiety over things happening online. We address the behaviours exhibited at school, however we cannot get involved or take action on anything that is happening online out of school hours. We need you as parents and guardians to act, for the safety and health and well being of your children.

Please monitor what your children are doing online, if there are inappropriate messages in any group they are interacting with, make sure they remove themselves from the group and block any member who is inappropriate.

There are 3 key strategies to keeping your children safe online, they are:

  1. Be engaged, open and supportive: share online time with your child, talk about favourite games sites etc. Keep the lines of communication open and reassure your child that if they are having issues you will help them.
  2. Set some rules: ensure your child has input to the rules however consider age appropriate consistent rules eg. What sites and social interaction sites are appropriate, no devices in the bedroom, devices off after bedtime.
  3. Use available technology: get to know the devices they use, set up parental controls and monitor and control screentime. Research on reliable sites what you need to know and monitor. Eg.

These key strategies are from:

If you need assistance with dealing with inappropriate use online, please look at the government eSafety site, you can find information to help or you can report abuse. The police also have an information and a reporting service on their website:

Download the free Parent Online Safety Book:

The 1-1 Laptop Program

kids playing game on laptop kids using the laptops

2021 Parent Funded 1-1 Laptop Program

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first Parent Information forum. It was well attended and we had really productive discussions. The parents were really supportive of their child’s educational needs and understood the importance of learning to use technology well. We teach the students to use the devices for deeper learning tasks and we are ensuring they know how to use it ethically and safely.

The main points that were discussed were:

  • How we use the Mac books for learning tasks that promote original thinking, engagement and creativity but also reinforce mastery of skills and understanding. Instant feedback is also given to teachers and students for better progress.
  • What procedures and plans are in place to teach students how to have a positive digital footprint and use technology ethically.
  • While parents are able to choose an iPad for their child to join the program, our recommended device is the Macbook Air 13” as it is more powerful and versatile for learning situations, sturdier and connects more easily to the network.
  • Parental controls and managing devices through a mobile device manager (MDM) for a safer and more monitored environment. The Macbook has better parental controls built in and the iPad would need the third party mobile device management (MDM) tool, which we use for our school iPads and could be provided at a small cost to parents.
  • Information on the vendor and specifics about the program. The Portal is available for you to access pricing and device specifications information and order your device.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. If you source a device elsewhere consider the portal information to compare accurately. Visit the  Winthrop Portal  for more information.

Prior to purchasing a device, please attend one of our parent information sessions for more information and discussion with our 1-1 leadership team.


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