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Congratulations to Kindy class Joey A for taking out the top honours of the first kindy class to have the most online profiles and all enjoyed a quelch icey stick on Tuesday.

Another recap as we head into the last week of Colour Explosion. Student booklets headed home for our students’ major fundraiser for the year. Not only is this a special event for us as we get to have fun but it’s our way of securing much needed funds to be able to give back to school. With the past COVID years and no fundraising we’d love to be able to help again our teachers with their wishes for 2022. Sign up your profile at

For those collecting cash there’s a few important things to note:-

You will still need to create a profile to select your prize.

We would love for you to convert your cash to an online deposit if possible, otherwise when returning your cash please do so with the sponsor booklet and in an enclosed envelope/bag with your name & LA number on it and return to the canteen. If you have collected a good amount of cash, please have a parent return with you.

Notes will head home soon with all the details for the colour days and what to do for selecting your prize.

If you would like to help volunteer on the day please text Nat on 0403326828. Places will fill fast so get in quick!

Book Fair 2021


Thank you to every student, parent, grandparent and staff member who has supported our Scholastic Book Fair so far this week. It has been an outstanding success. There is still time today and tomorrow to visit the Book Fair:

  • Thursday 4th - Special Parent Shopping Session 9.00-10.00am
  • Friday 5th (final day) - 8.15-9.15am and 2.30-3.30pm

Roadwise Committee

Term 4 - we still have heaps of open spots on the roster. Please can Yr 1-4 parents jump online and put your names down. There are only LESS than 30 spots to fill. This time we have a much wider year group and still its proving hard to find volunteers.

We are still observing parents letting their kids out of the cars from the middle of the road. This is both dangerous and causes unnecessary delays and frustration to other parents who are trying to do the right thing. Please refrain from this practice and use the designated Kiss n Drive or parking spots, before letting your kids out of the car.

Please remember in the afternoons children are only allowed to enter cars number 1, 2 and 3 in the Kiss n Drive bays. Car number 4 must drive right to the front of Kiss n Drive.

Drive safely everyone and don't forget to use your INDICATORS to show your intentions when exiting, entering or turning, all around the school.